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December 26th, 2008, 01:12 PM
See attached pictures,

I've got a single pc (with both Netremote and Girder running on it) in my living room, with a TV connected via HDMI and a touch screen connected as a second monitor.
(touch screen is described here http://www.promixis.com/forums/showthread.php?t=19256)

now, when I start some music via NetRemote, girder will tell JRMC to automatically open up a custom 'track info template'. This template is just a web page with a JRMC-supplied active-x control embedded for the spectrum analyzer & current track time

The web page contains some javascript that will request and display a slideshow of artist pictures from girder, and also the lyrics, biography and album review are displayed in a scrollable list box..

normally, I control everything via Netremote and the touch screen, not the TV.
But, if I move the (logitech air) mouse to the top of the TV screen then the standard JRMC controls will appear, which can be quite convenient.....

When the music is no longer playing, then JRMC is automatically minimized by girder..

The system can also be controlled by speech recognition :

A USB desktop microphone is plugged into the USB hub inside the touch screen.

This way, I don't have to run 10m audio cable from a normal microphone to the microphone socket of the pc.

This works quite well...

The way speech recognition is set up is as follows :

NetRemote waits for a distinctive trigger word. ('netremote')
Then, the amplifier is muted and it will execute whatever commands it hears after that (play/stop/pause/next/previous/mute/music/tv etc.)
then the amplifier is unmuted again...

so: I walk into the living room and just say : 'NetRemote' 'tv'
Then, the amplifier, tv and UPC digital tv set-top-box are powered on and the correct amplifier input and tv aspect ratio is chosen.
(note that I stopped using text-to-speech to repeat the text that was just recognized.
So I just 'beep' instead and display the recognized word on the screen.)

I needed audio feedback, even when the amplifier is powered off or switched to the tv input.

I got these USB connected speakers, which act as a second sound card and are just hidden behind my audio equipment :

I only play some .wav files on them (after speech is recognized and when new email arrived) and also the text-to-speech output goes to these speakers...
The VGA power to the touch screen is automatically turned off when I leave the living room, causing the touch screen to go into power saving mode.
(I don't want to use a screensaver : If I'm in the living room, the touch screen must stay on)
(Also TV & amplifier are powered off if I leave the room)

The living room pc is automatically powered off when I go to bed or leave the house. I don't use 'sleep' mode, so it takes a few minutes to (automatically) boot up in the morning, while I make coffee ...