View Full Version : find version install and feedback from girder 5 user

January 3rd, 2009, 08:17 AM
i install girder many month ago when launch girder.exe a window " key expired " appear. it ll be nice to know when enter the key the version of girder that is install. in python there is a read.txt me that inform us.
For girder the property file girder.exe show me and add/remove MS tool show me " Promixis girder 40.14.371. the last girder 4 package have the name Girder4-0-15.exe and it is version number appear after launch installation file !!

must say i don't use girder and netremote so use logitech netremote and when see how easy is t oconfigure mediacenter under apple device software for real newbies.In the same tilme wait for beeter pda device size that my little pda so buy a basic logitech remote .happy to see girder server goes to webserver and make a tool to generate html page . could i have review/opinion of users that use webserver in girder 4 and go to girder 5.