View Full Version : Girder Receives the IR ...BUT

January 21st, 2009, 06:19 PM
I have Girder 4.0 set up with a Harmony 550 , and i am able to see that girder is able to read the IR commands, and also is able to perform certain functions, such as open an applications that i have set up. I am having trouble with the plugins them selves. Namely windows media player ( 10). I have also tried other applications such as vlc and itunes with the same results. I have tried adjusting Anti repeat and also the repeat delay settings, which did allow for some response however it was choppy at best.

In the Log i am able to see that it is getting the commands, such as play and stop. however it seems that girder is having trouble applying them to the application itself. I have also tried setting up the stop commands with target window (which i did learn from the calculator demo, totally awesome btw). But no luck with that either.

Any ideas or feedback would totally awesome. Thank you very much.