View Full Version : 1-Wire Device Wrapper

February 12th, 2009, 01:09 PM
The files below can be used to add 1-Wire devices to the Girder Device Manager.

A couple of notes:
1. This does not replace the OneWire.dll required to acquire the status of the devices
2. Prior to install remove any OneWireDM files. If I remember correctly there is one located in each of the following folders; plugins\ui, plugins\treescript and luascript\DeviceManager\providers.
3. Right now this only supports the temp sensors. Anyone using other sensors, if you can provide me with some debug of those sensors, I will include them as well.

I think that is it. Once installed, the component will poll the OneWire.dll file for a list of installed devices. In Component Manager->Misc.->1-Wire Network you can view the list of devices and set the polling rate.

Any questions or problems, let me know.

Edit: Unzip the files to the Girder install folder.