View Full Version : Font Strangeness

April 20th, 2009, 10:01 PM
NRD v2.0.0.11 (still waiting for the new ver in case this is a known problem)
If in the Properties grid you click on the Font "..." button on the left, I changed the font from the default Pronto 8pt to Comic Sans MS 10 pt, clicked OK and then saved the CCF. In NR, the font didn't change. Looked at in in NRD and Font said "Comic Sans MS" (not absolutely positive it said this) and 9.75pt (positive it said this). I then clicked "..." again and selected 12pt. When I clicked OK, I saw the indented Size menu in property grid still saying 10 (pt). When I clicked on the Size submenu, it automatically changed to 12 pt. Now when I the saved the CCF, it displayed properly in NR. Clear as mud?