View Full Version : InsteonC PLM component and NetRemote

June 26th, 2009, 12:03 PM
I just downloaded NetRemote and am trying to use it to control the Devices from the InsteonC PLM plugins by Mike C, however the Devices listed in the "device" and "control" drop down lists do not use the names for the devices, they are in the format of: (It is a Switchlinc Dimmer)
Which should be:
dell-gz270-xp\Basement\HT\Dimmer (It is a Switchlinc Dimmer)

And not all of my devices are in the list, for example my ApplianceLinc is not included.

However when I use one of the included remote files, like "Flat Style Music and DM" Everything shows up under Lighting as expected.

I have two questions:
1. Am I doing something wrong/not looking in the right place to not have the actual names I provided?
2. How do I use what is provided to actually control something? right now when I place a switch, or slider it doesn't do anything.

My Girder installation is on dell-gx270-xp, and I am using NetRemote and NetRemote Designer on a remote Windows 7 system.
I am running Net Remote and the latest version of Girder and InsteonC.

Any pointers, or ideas?