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July 27th, 2009, 03:25 PM
i come back after many month to see where netremote girder go : many problems about use the tool and seem end user continue to lost their time not to understand the way promixis tool work but to make the tool work .
Shure i not happy with the product when see that promixis focus on making the forum a real CMS where user have all options ( custom , send message , mp, picture album !!!! captcha for search in the forum !!! ..i dream ). I expect to see more documentation more gui friendly tool and ll expect to see documentation with many examples , capture screen and step by step guide. In a way a wiki from advance user about how to use promixis tool ll be usefull . Read the wish of one user that claim recently that girder take much time to configure than evenghost !!! don't think change promixis style ( template) is the good answer to end user . Don't update to girder and so stay with my WHP version.
I buy netremote with direct IR and loose it and could not buy it again . so need a PC server to make promixis work . shure i am not happy with the product and express it to promixis forum ( seem it is the only thing i can do with promixis product , my skill level is to low even i succeed to install scite and it 's rocks ).

think end advance users test others solutions and could give feedback , so abuse mp , ll be happy to have feedback about promixis tool in midlle of 2009 . irc ll be better so i am +1 paris.

after don't understand promixis tool i also don't know howto write english so excuse me for any errors you could find in my post .

A geek guy