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August 10th, 2009, 08:48 PM
Is the W800USB supported in Girder? (from Wgldesigns)

I am currently using a CM15A to transmit X10 commands from Girder but unfortunately, as documented everywhere on the web, the RF reception of this device is completely ridiculous (5-8 feet max... great idea, poor engineering...) forcing me to use multiple TM751 (which bypasses Girder)

I am therefore looking for a reliable PC / X10 / RF receiver for my motion sensors and open/close switches.

Should I stick with the TM751's, buy the W800USB or something else ?

again, is the W800USB supported in Girder and how is the RF reception (range, walls, etc) ?

I was also looking at the CM19a but it seems like it's range is not great and doesn't seem supported in Girder.

Any experiences/thoughts/ideas are welcome

Thank you

Using: Girder 4

November 28th, 2009, 04:18 PM
Update on this topic: No need to buy the w800 or RFXcom receiver;

just build the following antenna:


add a generic VHF/UHF/FM 20db signal amplifier

convert either a CM19a or CM15a to coax:

http://www.shed.com/tutor/mr26ant.html (bottom of page, forget the antenna the other one above provided better results for me)

install the antenna in your attic (very important if you have devices outside the home, particularly if you have aluminum siding), attach the amplifier near the antenna, bring the output to your cm19 or cm15 and voila! 200+ feet of indoors/outdoors receiving range for all housecodes. Tested with standard , slim and wall remotes, motion sensors, etc.

Works just great! I got rid of all TM751's therefore no more powerline collisions and overflow from sensors + faster response since you don't have to go through the powerlines twice

And it's supported directly in Girder, just enable the CM15/CM19 plugin.

contact me if you need further instructions.