View Full Version : problem with girder 3.3 and WinFast Expert 2000 XP remote

September 21st, 2009, 10:05 AM
I have weird problem with Girder 3.3 and with a remote control of one WF Expert 2000 XP TC card. I watch TV with a DScaler (4.1.19) on my MS Windows XP Pro SP3... I use wfexpert.dll (ver 1.5) and DSdrv4.sys from DScaler instalation.

When Win starts (and Girder starts in Win startup sequence) my remote control doesn't work. When I click on the DScaler icon (because remote control doesn't work) then DScaler starts and immediately closes.
After this my remote control is in function and everything is fine. Problem is only in the Win start-up phase. After the first non-successful start of DScaler problem disappear... DScaler maybe successfully activate DSDrv4.sys driver and wfexpert.dll plugin?

I changed location of a DSdrv4.sys but this didn't solve problem. Besides I changed way of starting of a DSdrv4.sys driver (Demand, System, Automatic) in the Device manager (View, Show hidden devices, Non-Plug and Play drivers section) but problem remains. I used different version on wfexpert.dll and DSDrv4.sys, but without success. Same results (without solution) I had with a startup delayer or with start of Girder after the Win startup...

What is solution?
Best regards from Dusan.