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November 9th, 2009, 01:01 PM
I have a program called snatch that lets me create custom remotes to control my Media Center HTPC.

I can create custom themes for it, such as shown here. (Well not now since I don't have 10 posts, but coming soon).

Can net remote do something like this as well? I basically just create a graphic and then map the keys to it with keyboard commands.

I really like Snatch, but I don't think they are continuing to develop it and the server tends to lose connection a lot.

Rob H
November 9th, 2009, 02:34 PM
I'm afraid the current version of NetRemote doesn't work on the iPhone, sorry.

November 9th, 2009, 02:45 PM
I saw they may be working on it?

Assuming an iPhone version came out, would it have this type of capability? Is there a video the current approach in action to give me an idea of what it can do?

Rob H
November 10th, 2009, 04:23 PM
The iPhone version (if we get that far) will have the same capabilities as normal NetRemote with the possible exception of Lua scripting - still not sure about this.

We don't have many videos at present - there's this one http://www.promixis.com/screencasts/sc1/ that may be of interest

Sorry it's taken so long to reply - I've been installing Windows 7 on my main workstation.

November 11th, 2009, 01:34 AM
From your link, it looks like Girder might be able have the capability to map an image like this?

http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/1535/81003968.th.png (http://img689.imageshack.us/i/81003968.png/)

I created the above image in PPT and within the iPhone snatch app could map it in just a few minutes. I have to admit I am not very familiar with Girder and it seem significantly more complex to do same thing. Granted you get more flexibility, but is there such a thing as a simple mode?

Also, do you plan on incorporating a trackpad and keyboard inside the app? Otherwise, I would think you are really limiting yourself.