View Full Version : Exclude a playlist or only show a certain group of them?

January 13th, 2010, 10:08 PM
I have a bunch of playlists, a lot of which I just use for maintenance of my libray (smartlists that show me which of my files have no lyrics, no bios, etc.) that I don't want to show up in Netremote.

I am just wondering how I can either exclude certain playlists or, this may be easier and preferable, to only include a certain folder of playlists in Netremote. For example, I could make a folder under Playlists in JRMC called "Netremote Playlists" and then only send those playlists to Netremote. Hopefully that makes sense.

I am using a modified Flatstyle theme and I haven't changed much of anything in the Flatstyle.lua file so if anyone out there can tell me if/how I can do this I'd really appreciate it.

If it's a change to the Lua file, speak to me as if I am a moron because when it comes to Lua I get easily confused :)