View Full Version : NetRemote + Winamp Questions and Problems

February 4th, 2010, 07:33 AM
hi there!

i've just downloaded and installed the NetRemote-Suite- trial-version, and i'd like to use it with Winamp (current version 5.572). im running windows 7 64bit and am testing with the desktop-netremote, and with a toshiba PPC e750 (running WM2003).

first of all, the software looks very promising, but there are some issues keeping me from using and buying it for my purposes:

- the Music-Mainscreen does not seem to be updated correctly. e.g. the displayed cover and track-infos are from an album i played a while ago. and it does not get updated when playing a new song or album. only restarting the mediabridge solves the problem, and the current song/album-info and cover is displayed...and again stays the same, even if another song/album ist being played.

- the radio streams do not seem to work. i have entered a stream in the mediabridge (e.g. "http://mp3stream1.apasf.apa.at:8000/listen.pls"), and the item also shows up in the netremote-media-library, but launching the item in netremote has no effect on winamp.

- playlists also don't seem to work. should the playlists in the netremote-library be the same, as in the winamp media-library? if yes, the winamp-media-library-playlists to not show up in netremote. further, creating a playlist in the netremote-library (via context-menu "create playlist") also does not seem to have any effect.

- can the structure of the "media library"-tree on the netremote be adapted somehow? what i'd like to have is a hierarchy of "album-artist" > "album" , making use of the "album-artist" id3-tag, to achive a reasonable artist-tree, if there are many sampler-albums, which have songs from many artists, but only one album-artist (e.g. dj mixes, etc.).
the media-library in winamp itself allows such a hierarchy.
a great thing would be, if netremote or the mediabridge would allow a complete custom definition of several media-library-sub-hierarchies. e.g. :
+ "album-artist" > "album" > "song"
+ "artist" > "song"
+ "genre" > "album-artist" > "album" > "song"
+ "genre" > "artist" > "song"
+ "year" > "album-artist" > "album" > "song"

- another minor issue also occured to me: when using "check for updates" in the netremote, it searches and finds an update, but when clicking on "download new version" it just opens the file-explorer-window of the directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\Promixis\NetRemote".