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May 15th, 2010, 11:21 PM
I have been using NetRemote-WHP and Girder-5 since Oct2008. Girder is configured to control my htpc, and the following devices via RS232:
- Yamaha RX-V2300:
- for movies: to set surround sound mode; initial volume level; LFE mode; input etc.
- for music: to set stereo mode; initial volume level; turn on/off outside speakers; etc.
- Epson TW2000 projector, which then triggers the screen to drop down
- Lights via X10

I have been using an hp iPaq4700, but it died on me.

Tried using an htc HD2, but it's wi-fi was very unstable, so sent it back.

I'm now looking to use an iPhone or iPod to control my htpc and in particular Girder.

Are there any iPhone/iPad apps that could run Girder? Either with Netremote, or iTunes.