View Full Version : KNX/EIB and Promixis: do they work together?

July 17th, 2010, 01:16 PM
Dear all:
I got a recommendation to come here from the AVSForum and, hopefully, will find a solution for my installation.
My problem is that a house automation software is built with KNX standards, which are de-facto standard in Europe. My audio multi-room system is not selected yet and I am flexible enough to chose between Nuvo, Russound, Netstreams or any other system. The must here is that main source of music should be digital storage (mp3 ,wav, wmv, etc.) and a system should allow direct seection of the desired music - something similar to the WinAMP/ Windows MEdia Player experience.
I also need a system to provide house-wide paging for finding other family members and see the visitors at doors, communicate with them.

I want to have a single controlling interface and was told that a Promixis is the best solution for that.
May you please advise:
1. If a Promixis software can communicate/control/use KNX/EIB based devices?
2. If a Promixis system support paging (preferebly 2 way) and through wich devices (touchscreens with microhone, in-house telephone station, anything else)?
3. Which multi-room system is best for the connection with Promixis and may I use that system's in-wall controllers to be managed by Promixis?

The reply for the first question is the most important for me. Please advise!

Kind regards
P.S. The installation is being done by the professional installer, but his experience is mainly KNX, IP/TCP computing, some programming.

Rob H
August 2nd, 2010, 05:13 AM
I'm afraid we don't support KNX/EIB