View Full Version : FramePopup visible on CCF load by default?

September 14th, 2010, 11:10 PM

Just playing about with fram popups and working well. Only issue I do have is that when opening NetRemote, the FramePopup is visible by default.

To troubleshoot I've tried adding the command Popups.Group1.Popup1:Hide() in the OnCCFLoad function and it didn't help. Manually creating a test button with the same code as an Execute LUA and it hides the popup fine.

Any suggestions to stop the popup appearing by default when opening NetRemote?


September 15th, 2010, 09:21 AM
I presume your using states to hide and unhide the popups. I always initialize all my popups in the LUA file after the function OnCCFLoad()

NetRemote.SetVariable("calc_popup", "0")

Just set the variable to the value for the hidden state on the frame.

Take a look at my Now Playing Flatstyle skin in the download section

September 16th, 2010, 05:56 AM
Thanks for that. I was calling them in the OnCCFLoad function and it might just be a matter of shifting them to after that as you say. Thanks for the suggestion - I'll give it a try tomorrow.


September 20th, 2010, 08:06 PM
Hmmm, still doesn't appear to work. I have tried setting up the variable in both under OnCCFLoad and outside/after OnCCFLoad.

I checked out your Now Playing LUA file and it appears the majority of yours are set under OnCCFLoad.

Here are my statements - that seem to be ignored when launching NR for the first time. If I put those statements into test buttons they work fine for hiding the popups manually, so not sure what the go is here?

Popups = {};
Popups.Group1 = {};
Popups.Group1.Popup1 = FramePopup:New("Popups.Group1.Popup1", "Group1", 100);
Popups.Group1.Popup1 = FramePopup:New("Popups.Group1.Popup2", "Group1", 60);

function OnCCFLoad()
NetRemote.RegisterVariableWatch('KramerVolume', NetRemote.GetPlugin('Girder')) ;
NetRemote.RegisterVariableWatch('ProjectorStatus', NetRemote.GetPlugin('Girder')) ;
NetRemote.RegisterVariableWatch('Popups.Group1.Pop up1', NetRemote.GetPlugin('Girder')) ;
NetRemote.RegisterVariableWatch('Popups.Group1.Pop up2', NetRemote.GetPlugin('Girder')) ;
NetRemote.RegisterVariableWatch('HiddenMenu', NetRemote.GetPlugin('Girder')) ;
NetRemote.SetVariable("KramerVolume", -50);
NetRemote.SetVariable("ProjectorStatus", 0);
NetRemote.SetVariable("HiddenMenu", 0);

NetRemote.SetVariable("Popups.Group1.Popup1", 0)
NetRemote.SetVariable("Popups.Group1.Popup2", 0)

As mentioned - I've also tried setting the two popups to 0 within the OnCCFLoad function which doesn't help.


September 20th, 2010, 08:34 PM
Well does Now Playing work ok? Also where is your DM.Init() located?

September 20th, 2010, 08:48 PM
On opening NR your Now Playing opens at the SECURITY CONTROL panel. I 'Click Here To Close' to close it, then the LIGHT CONTROL window is visible. I CLICK HERE TO CLOSE' and the Virtual Keyboard is visible. I can close that and the calendar is visible. clicking it closes it back to the time displayed.

So if that is normal then I guess it is working.

The two popups are a part of the template overlay and their default state is hidden, with a State 1 set to Popups.Group1.Popup1 is 1 (same for .Popup2 is 1).

I don't actually have a DM.Init in my LUA file - so maybe that is my issue?


September 21st, 2010, 07:56 AM
That is not working... should have no panels open on loading. Sounds like NR is not working properly. Will have to let Ron or Rob handle this

September 21st, 2010, 06:30 PM
Ah ok. I thought I had all the calls set right in the LUA and it wasn't quite making sense. This is running latest NR from a VM during build stage, so I might just leave it and see how it performs once on my final device. I'll report back if still issues.

Thanks for the interest.