View Full Version : Is it possible to hide zones in MediaBridge?

November 3rd, 2010, 04:48 PM
I have around 30 zones on my new system (15 for music and 15 for web radio, because the FM sender in my area is growing weaker by the year, and now it's to weak to give me even mono without hissing), and I would like to hide the ones for web radio for NetRemote when going "Next" and "Previous", if possible. Is it possible in any way?

Edit: Or would the smart way of doing this be to use JRMC 14 for almost everything and use JRMC 13 for the web radio? If I make sure that JRMC 14 starts first (controlled by the startup sequence in Girder) will that allways be the one NetRemote's Media Bridge uses, with no chance of it jumping to JRMC 13?