View Full Version : NR client loses connectivity to G5 PC after sleep

December 29th, 2010, 07:43 PM

I've recently customized a NR CCF that is running on a wall-mounted touchscreen (connected to a hidden laptop) to control my home theater PC which is running G5. The NR and HTPC are two different PCs. The NR PC stays on 24/7 and the HTPC goes in and out of sleep mode.

The problem I just recently discovered is that after the HTPC resumes from sleep, the NR client will not re-establish connectivity to G5 on the HTPC. I am forced to close and re-launch NR for things to work again. This is a bit annoying since NR is being used for a touchscreen application and I don't want to have to expose "windows" to the user. Having to close and re-open NR makes things complicated for the wife and also makes my work on the interface look "unfinished". Leaving the HTPC runnnig 24/7 is not an option either as it is only used occasionally and the rest of time it would just sit there running and wasting energy.

Is there any way to get NR to automatically re-establish connectivity to a G5 server that has gone to sleep and woken up again?


January 15th, 2011, 12:50 PM
I wonder if the socket that NetRemote is attempting to communicate with is not reactivating on the Girder machine when it comes out of sleep mode? I can't think of a quick fix for this other than the one that you want to avoid: keeping a Girder machine running at all times.

I'll say that for my home setup, I use a very low-power machine to keep Girder up at all times. This enables me to have all sorts of timers managed by Girder, and enables me to have Girder service real-time events in my home (alarm system, lighting control, music control, AV control, etc). By using a low-power machine, the whole setup consumes less power than a lightbulb.