View Full Version : SKY remote problem

January 19th, 2011, 03:36 PM
this is my first post, please be patient with me :D

I tried to check the FAQ but the page seems to be unavailable.
I tried to search other 3ds referred to this type of problem but I didn't find anything.

I just finished to assemble the UIRT2 kit, and, surprise-surprise, it's working :o

I was configuring my remote when I noticed that some keys of the remote had the same IR code. How's that possible?

I'm using a standard SKY (pay-tv) remote. I live in italy, I don't know if this make some difference.
The keys I'm talking about are "right","down","left", [the up key appear to have it's own IR code]
and also some numbers: "4","8","6","5", [also 2 has it's own code].

Is that normal? maybe the code is not precise enough?
(I'm using the "Vishay TSOP4838, 38 kHz", the one specified on the UIRT2 page)

thank you in advance.