View Full Version : IR girder passthrought problem with discretes codes

April 6th, 2011, 11:06 AM

I got problems to send "power on" IR discret code to my TV via the G5 passthrought even USBIURT is less than 1 inch in range of receptor. All others are ok

If I put the code in the "infared" command in button it's work at 50%
I made a function :

function SendIR(IRCode,discrete)
-- Retrieve the IR plugin
irplugin = NetRemote.GetPlugin( -3 );
-- Retrieve its current instance
irinstance = irplugin:GetCurrentInstance( );
-- Use string format, and use repeat (true or false)
irinstance:SendIR( irinstance.PRONTO_STRING, false, IRCode) ;
-- Let the instance know that we're done sending it IR codes for now
if discrete then
irinstance:StopIR( );

The only way this function do sometime the job is to sleep it afer sending the code (and choose no "repeat").

If I call this function from code it's never works (or 1%). If I call it by "execute LUA code" it's works at 50%

If I test the code directly with Girder 5 (USBUIRT Action) it's OK at 70% (with or without burst repeat)

TV : panasonic TX-PF46G20S