View Full Version : We should be grateful for Netremote

April 23rd, 2011, 10:46 PM
In the past few months I have had the opportunity to play around with HSTouch as well as Elve. Trust me when I say that Netremote is light years ahead of either of those GUI applications. Things we take for granted like master templates, hidden frames for popups, states for buttons and frames and multilayers just to name a few things just are not available in those other applications. Also trying to use JRMC for true multizone in HSTouch or Elve is just not there yet as it either does not work at all or no support for playlists or browsing. Mediabridge is light years ahead of either one of their JRMC drivers. Also the way NR/G shares its variable table across the network is so sweet. It allows pretty much anything to stay in sync.

I have often been told by others to quit using Netremote and switch to something better. Well I can tell you I have not seen anything better out there. I think the very thing that makes Netremote so much better is also the very thing that drives some away. It can create complex screen layouts. With this much power the learning curve for some seems high.

Also let me complement Netremote Designer. In the other two designers I have used you can only work on one screen at a time. This makes it hard to copy and paste from other projects. When using the wonderful treeview we have in NRD it soon becomes apparent how powerful and well designed it really is.

I have all but given up trying to convince people to use Netremote. But on the other hand I can now say that Now Playing could not be done functionally as it is now using the two alternatives I have played with.

Time will tell if the new web based interface can handle the things some of us do in Netremote. I have my doubts and once again express my sadness that at the very pinnacle for hand held touchscreen devices with so many iPhones and Android smartphones out in the world that it is a SHAME that Promixis has decided not to support them with Netremote.

By the way I have updated my Now Playing showcase blog recently so take a look if you have not done so recently.

I will get off my soap box for now.