View Full Version : PIR driver - pir_list returning an empty string

October 6th, 2011, 11:48 PM
I'm in the process of migrating my PIR-1 usage from Girder to direct use of the library.

pir_list is supposed to produce a string containing all of the serials of attached devices, comma separated. I've seen it work once, but it has failed on subsequent executions.

- On the first run, it correctly returned the serial for my one attached device
- On subsequent runs, it returns an empty string (the return value - needed buffer size - is 1 in this case)
- Despite pir_list returning an empty string, I can still send IR codes by using the known serial for my device
- Though I don't use callbacks in my code, Girder and the SDK example suggest that device arrival events still occur with the correct serial number, despite the issues with pir_list

This isn't a blocking issue for me, since I can hard-code my serial. Could be a bug, though.

Also, your 10-posts-or-less spam filter won't let me use vB list tags or post my .NET wrapper code.