View Full Version : Can anybody help me convert a few RC5x codes so they work in Girder?

December 22nd, 2011, 07:47 PM
I have an old Marantz 6200 receiver that I'm goin to use to make sound in the kitchen. I have lost the remote, and I need a few things that I haven't found in any regular, learned format anywhere. But of course RC5x codes is no problem to find. Only Girder can't use them. I have tried a tool called irdoctor, but the code that comes from it won't work. So I would like help with getting the necessary codes from RC5x to raw that I can use. Or even an explanation on how I can use the codes from IR Code Doctor in Girder. I have seen a few hints that says a method excists, but I have not found a description of the method. Can anybody please help me?

Or if anybody has a Pronto remote and could learn the codes into raw in an USB-unit connected to Girder that would be even better!