View Full Version : Girder/Netremote right for me?

December 27th, 2011, 12:15 PM
I currently have the following relevant components so far:

UPB devices (35 switches)
Yamaha Aventage RX-A2000 receiver. This has serial, network connectivity, web site, android app, etc
Sonance C4630. This has a serial port.
Android phones
Android tablet [on deck]
Currently using XBMC for movies on. Looking at JRMC as a replacement and putting a sound card that can support multiple sources to access my large audio collection, which I am converting to lossless formats.

I have been playing around with Homeseer and seeing how this can all fit together. I can program pretty decently, but I didn't want to embark on building my own full plug-ins to get full control vs the kludgy scripting alternative.

So then I came across Girder, and it seems to have a more collaborative user community, whereas Homeseer encourages profits around developers keeping the source closed. The ease of Lua seems to be geared towards my actual goals.

A few initial questions-
The Yamaha has network capability, Serial, and IR. It has DLNA, Pandora, NetRadio and a bunch of other stuff. Whats the best way to start automating around it? Is this something I can integrate easily?
The Sonance C4630 has a serial port, and a published spec (Its a multizone amp, like a Russound or Niles)- I was hoping I could adapt another similar multi-zone unit and change around all the control sequences.
Lighting - This is how I started with Homeseer. Not sure how feature rich I can get with Girder without building something from the ground up. All my switches are one of 4 Simply Automated 1140s, 240s, 2240s and USRs.

Any insight on building a plan to get these under the Girder umbrella?

December 27th, 2011, 11:57 PM
If you check out my blog on Cocoontech.com you can see what I have done with Girder and Netremote and maybe get some ideas. I also started off with Homeseer but like Netremote and wanted something that was better integrated than hsGirder plugin. I looked at going back to HSPro but the lack of a JRMC plugin made that impossible.