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January 14th, 2012, 02:52 PM
OK, after using Girder 3.3 and a USB-UIRT for years, i want to expand the system with a GC WF2IR unit. I've upgraded to Girder 5.1 and am trying to set up the commands for the WF2IR and am having trouble getting them set up right. I would love to just take the ir codes that I've learned using the USB-UIRT and paste them into the new GC commands, but i understand that that doesn't work - at least not without some conversion. If i try to copy the HEX code from RemoteCentral (for example POWER ON) and paste it into a new Send IR CCF command with what I think are the proper Module and Address settings, I can get the LED to light up on the proper output (for example Output 3 configured for a blaster), but the the code isn't executed. If I paste the same HEX code into a USB-UIRT command - it works so I know the code is valid for my TV.

I've also tried learning the code using the IR learner in the GC with the iLearn utility, but I don't know how to format the learned code for pasting into a Send IR GC command. I've tried using the iConvert utility to convert the HEX code to GC code, but again haven't gotten the right way to paste it into the Send IR GC command.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?


January 17th, 2012, 10:23 AM
Bump - anyone?