View Full Version : Add remote Device to Device Manager

January 15th, 2012, 03:08 PM
Say I have a Device controlled by PC #1 (e.g., a Makita motorized drapes controlled via a USBUIRT). Is there any way to add that to the Device Manager on PC #2?

Some possible options I was exploring just led to more questions:

1. When using "DeviceManager:GetDeviceUsingPath (path)", can a path to a remote Girder be specified?

2. Can a generic device based on girder2girder event strings be created? Looking at Mike C.'s "Basic Device Container" lua sample, it seems possible; has anyone tried it?

3. Has anyone created a DeviceManager.Devices.Classes.Drapes class (with actions "Open", "Close", "Stop"), or would I have to write that as well?

Thanks for any guidance!