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January 26th, 2012, 05:32 PM
Thanks to Ron, we have a new category in the forum to share our Girder website projects - hopefully others will be encourage to share their completed projects as well....I find it easier to start with a base than work from scratch or fragmented code snippets :rolleyes:

I had originally developed my control environment several years ago using NetRemote, but have now migrated to using the Girder webserver so that I can access my home theater controls from an Apple iPod Touch.

The following are a few screen images for reference:

Attached you will find my complete website implementation (still a work in progress) - this includes:
* all graphics
* index.html
* girder gml file
* basic serial plugin for my Yamaha RX-V2500 (based on JYamaha by Jen Samuelsson, and DSPZ9 by R. Palumbo)
* modified mime.txt file for caching the webpages (not yet implemented)

I have not included, but do link to the following javascript libraries in the index.html file(all available on the internet)
* jquery
* jquery cookie
* jquery mobile
* jquery ui
* spinningwheel

My environment:
* Girder 5 Release 5.0.8 (build 542) running on a small Jetway ITX computer
* Ocelot Plugin for IR and X10 control
* Yamaha RX-V2500 controlled by both IR and Serial (in process of converting all IR to Serial cmds)
* Denon iPod Dock ASD-51W controlled by both IR and IP
* Sony BlueRay player (IR controlled)
* Sony Projector (IR controlled)
* Separate HTPC (IR controlled)
* DirecTV DVR and basic Receiver (IR controlled)
* Lights controlled by X10 and IR

I am sure I have forgotten something, but hope this helps others if you are thinking a building a girder based website.

- thxs for looking!

*** 02-05-12
Uploaded latest version (v2) - changes in this version
* Added jquery.cookie to save Receiver variables (Source, Volume, Tuner Freq, Power) to use across multiple 'pages' within index.html
* Enhanced serial plugin to obtain Receiver settings at time port is initialized
* Added toggle function for Mute button and Power button to give visual indication of settings

*** 02-21-12
Tried to upload latest version (v3), but is larger than allowed (6.0+ MB)
* Completed Serial plugin implementation for Yamaha RSV2500 Receiver
* Completed IP Control plugin implementation for Denon iPod Dock ASD-51W
* Modified Light control to use SpinningWheel javascript for light and scene selection