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June 13th, 2012, 03:37 PM
My name is Eric Rue, and I'm an architectural engineer, an artist and a fabricator. I currently work at Hipp Engineering in Raleigh NC designing pharmaceutical facilities. This is my first attempt at doing this, but I'm enjoying it so far.

I have 2 structures on my property. The first is a machine shop and play space, where i build engines and play with various fuel injected turbocharged street cars. The second is a house. I graduated many years ago, with an architecture degree and since my first co-op job iv been working primarily in electrical engineering. I always wanted to use my degree for something so when i decided to build a house it was time. The house is modern, with a 3 story atrium in the center, structural steel and glass backside. I have a large mechanical room under the master suite where Im working on an automation system to control, security, fire alarm, site lighting, egress lighting, 3 HVAC systems, exhaust fans, and a rainwater recycling system for flushing fixtures.

I built the garage first, and it has a small ductbank that runs between a small mechanical room and the street (which is several hundred feet away) I have an ELK M1 panel with all the usual accessories up and running in this space. It also has a bunch of underground conduit run to various points for landscape lighting (not installed yet) as well as a 4 conduit ductbank connecting this mechanical room with the large mechanical room in the basement of the new house.






June 13th, 2012, 03:37 PM
In the house, its a little more complicated, and its only about half way working so far. I have a long ways to go! Theres a structured wiring panel full of data stuff for the uverse installation, a lighting relay panel, an elk M1 panel, and an expansion panel for when everything doesn't fit inside the main panel..... as well as a large backboard in case i need additional panel room. i used a hoop style low voltage raceway as well as a bunch of conduits inside the walls so that i can easily run more stuff even after the sheetrock has been finished.



Iv got all the security stuff terminated and programmed inside the ELK panel, but everything else still has to be done. My next step was to get the data connection wired and configured and look into automation software that goes above and beyond what elk offers. Which is how i ended up here...... i was getting ready to buy the ELK RMS software when i found this site. Im hoping i can use this software to control 2 panels, from my computer, rather than that terrible keypad. This is the first time iv done some of this stuff so feel free to laugh or make suggestions!


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June 20th, 2012, 11:18 AM
Welcome to the world of home automation. I have a blog for my project at Cocoontech.com


Cocoontech is probably the largest home automation website around. There are some Girder users there as well. Good luck to you and remember to have fun with it.