View Full Version : How would I modify this XML code so that Girder would receive this message?

July 3rd, 2012, 05:23 PM
Anyone able to help me modify this xml code so that girder would receive the message:

<Action Name="max">
<ActionRef Name="Send" Target="Core.Interop">
<Extra Name="Class">TfrmMain</Extra>
<Extra Name="Title">DVB Viewer</Extra>
<Extra Name="Message">274</Extra>
<Extra Name="W">61488</Extra>
<Extra Name="L">8064194</Extra>

I would like to send Girder a message (for example - "NavigateUP") from a program called Unified Remote.

Here is a link to the different actions Unified Remote has: http://unifiedremote.com/Downloads/v2/custom/actions.htm