View Full Version : Is it possible to enable a group in LUA?

September 23rd, 2012, 03:34 PM
I have motion detectors on my cabin that sends me mail when they're triggered. To avoid going crazy from 200 mails when my parents forget to turn off the system when they get there I want to stop send mail for 10 minutes when it has sent one. I figured the easy way was to disable the send mail group and then enable it 10 minutes later. But that must be done in LUA since a regular simple timer will start again and again if new triggers come, so somebody can potentially be there for hours stealing my stuff with only one mail being sent. And we don't want that! So I used a simple script, and that works with gir.TriggerEvent for disabling and enabling acitons. But I would like it to be done within LUA if possible. Tidier. ;) Can anybody tell me if it's possible?