View Full Version : First Steps robosapien on Girder 5

October 13th, 2012, 10:45 PM
Hello guys!
I am new on this forum.

Can someone tell how to start with programing robosapien on Girder 5?
1. I bought USB-UIRT-> usb revicer/sender
2. I don' have remote control for robosapien
3. I cannot use Girder version 3 because it has some errors during installation.

What i did already
1. I've installed USB-UIRT on Girder 5 (i mean i went to settings and I thicked USB-UIRT )
2. I've added keyboard as remote control to control robot
3. I see green lights on the botom of Girder but i cannot insert any commands to control the robot

Thanks for any help !