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November 11th, 2012, 04:47 AM
I am trying to set up a few macro events with different PIN codes (four digit) to turn on and off the Girder/EventGhost (and probably soon Girder only, when XPL for the RFXtrx433 is working in my system) alarm system in my cabin. Rather fun system, with a magnet switch on the front door which trigges a warning, and then you have to push the PIN code to stop it, within a minute. If it isn't stopped the surveillance camera uploads a video of the person coming in to my home server, and a door bell working as a siren starts chiming (only to alert the intruder, sinvce there's nobody around at that time). And of course I get an SMS telling me that somebody has enteret.

But the macro events are a big problem, since I have a keep alive system between the server and the virtual automation machine. This creates a Girder even every 5 seconds, and it seems this event resets the macro event. Or does it? I know that I have to punch in the macro event within five seconds, but will another event within that time reset the macro?

I have an alternative way of doing this, but it's more complicated and anything complicated can be messed up by the rest of my family...