View Full Version : Home Electro Tira-2 with Pioneer PDP-LX509a

December 12th, 2012, 05:11 AM

I'm having trouble replaying IR codes to my Pioneer PDP-LX509a. The TIRA records the code seemingly ok from the remote but the TV just doesn't respond when replaying the code (using the test function).

The TIRA appears to be ok since I can record and replay codes to my Denon AVR-3312 amplifier.

I've tried manually choosing different frequencies, but not all of them (since the list in the drop down is significant). I've also tried increasing (and decreasing) the repeat value of 3.

I've also tried putting the remote IR window directly next to the TIRA window as I've seen a posting where that fixed a similar issue.

I couldn't find the CCF files on RemoteCentral that people talk about.

I've attached a screenshot of the TIRA girder configuration dialog. 6509

Any other thoughts or ideas?

Thanks in advance,