View Full Version : Simultaneous executin of X10 commands with CM11A

December 17th, 2012, 09:59 PM
I've been a happy Girder user for many years (since 2005 girder 3.3). I've recently been forced to upgrade my OS from XP to Windows 7 (Blu-ray 3D does not work in XP), so I've also been forced to upgrade my girder to 5.1. In translating my GML's I'm having difficulty with sending simultaneous X10 commands to two devices (same house code different unit codes).

My scenerio:
I have an electric screen and mask combination which I may adjust to either a 1.78 or 2.40 viewing position. To do this each of the screen and the mask have three buttons (6 total), pressing the top button returns the screen to the retracted position, pressing the bottom button drops the screen to the full down (1.78) position. The middle button simply stops the screen where ever I want manually. But by pressing the top and bottom buttons simultaneously, it is programmed to go to a preset (2.40) position. The same is true for the mask with it's three buttons. So I have intercepted the wiring for each three button controller with universal modules and I need to be able to send simultaneous codes to two universal modules to make this work.

I know I could simply throw more universal modules in the mix ( doubling my requirment from 4 to 8 ), but I shouldn't have to do that. In Girder 3.3 the CM11 module was not capable of this functionality either, but I got around it by disabling the CM11A Plugin then shell executing a commandline (x10comm.exe D1,D2 On). Then I would re-enable the plugin and all was well. I've tried this in Girder 5.1, but disabling the plugin did not release the com port for use by the command line like it did in Girder 3.3. I also tried a lua script to unload the plugin to no avail, the com port was still not released. So I'm back to trying to find the support in the CM1X plugin.

If this functionality is available please let me know how its done, if it is not then how difficult would it be to add it? If I could get the source code to the plugin's dll, I could try to tweak it myself. I think I read that Delphi was used to code much of Girder, and I have some Delphi object pascal programming experience as well as access to a fairly recent version of Delphi.