View Full Version : NetRemote Designer with Global Cache iTach and GC-100-12 IR Hardware

May 19th, 2013, 08:43 PM
I am doing a simple Remote IR Control Menu System for some Sat Boxes, CATV Boxes and in-house IPTV receivers and will use the Global Cache iTach IP2IR and GC-100-12 IP to IR emitter boxes. I designed a NetRemote interface but having trouble figuring out how to make the program send the IR codes I read from the Global Cache itach IR code reader thru NetRemote.

I see how to set an action from a button, but from there I need to talk to the Global Cache boxes to send the IR codes. I used the GC iTach IR reader and their iLearn program to get all the codes from the three remotes. Now how to I send them?

Any help would be appreciated!