View Full Version : Lost Leviton Level comand when using LM15Pro X10 Computer Interface

June 14th, 2013, 05:54 AM
I have been happily running a CM11 on my Girder box for many years, as it had Leviton level commands added back in 2007 ( http://www.promixis.com/forums/showthread.php?17186-LD11-and-extended-X10-commands/page2&highlight=leviton )

But last week my CM11 stopped working and when I wen to get a replacement I was told that the CM11 was replaced with the Cm15Pro.

So I got a CM15Pro and installed the ActiveHome Pro software, and Cm15 driver and X10SDK and my Girder5 happily started controlling my Appliance modules.

BUT I can no longer send Leviton Level commands to my lamp modules, which causes me a huge issue as they are all controlled via sliders in NetRemote.

When I try to send a Level command to my module now I get this error in the LUA console.

TreeScript (gir_event): .\scripts\x10.lua:1201: attempt to index global `cm11' (a nil value)
stack traceback:
.\scripts\x10.lua:1201: in function `LevelDirect'
.\scripts\x10.lua:1540: in function `Command'
...x86)\Promixis\Girder5\/plugins/treescript/x10 UI.lua:896: in function <...x86)\Promixis\Girder5\/plugins/treescript/x10 UI.lua:865>

The CM15Pro supports sending the level command so it's just a matter of telling Girder to support it.

I don't understand lua well enough, but is there a way of adding the "function cm11.LevitonDim(hc, uc, level)" that hoox provided in my above linked thread to the LM15 plugin lua code?

.... or any other way of getting back the functionality I've lost????

Many thanks