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April 29th, 2014, 12:43 PM
We are proud to introduce the new PIR-1 MK2.

The new PIR-1 has 3 new or improved features that will make using the PIR-1 easier and more versatile!

Improved range
The built-in emitters have been upgraded and have improved range and stability. Variations of the USB voltage no longer impact the performance of the IR signal!

2 Channel output
The IR output plug on the back of the PIR-1 now is a two channel individually addressable output! You can still plug a single IR emitter (http://secure.promixis.com/store/Stick-on-IR-Emitter-Invisible-IRE-940.html) in but now with the help of this splitter cable (http://secure.promixis.com/store/IR-Splitter.html) you have two outputs that can be individually used!

Improved learn range and sensitivity
The PIR-1 MK2 has a much improved usable range for learning. Learning from a remote no longer requires you to hold the remote at 'just the right distance'. The PIR-1 MK2 will learn over a much broader range.


All PIR-1's sold as of April 29, 2014 will be of the MK2 type.

The output stage on the IR connector has been changed from the low side driver to a high side driver. If you have built something that requires a low side driver please contact Promixis. We still have a few of the old boards available for just this reason.

Girder 6 version has support for the new IR channel, the SDK's as available will work with the new PIR-1's.