View Full Version : Jasco/GE 45609 z-wave on/off switch information...

August 1st, 2014, 07:29 AM
I just wanted to clear up something I've seen on the internet regarding the Jasco/GE z-wave on/off switches. I've seen several folks and other home automation sites saying they do not provide instant feedback/notification when operated manually. I can tell you that I have one Jasco and 3 GE units (all the same), and they are sending notifications to Girder as soon as I press the button on them. Yes I did have polling on in Girder and set to 1 minute however I could flip the switch on and off multiple times and it would respond every time. This is obviously not polling as it would only change 1 time/minute. I don't know if something has changed recently but this is a really nice feature of these switches which are much cheaper than Lutron. Another nice thing, these are true rocker paddle switches. You push up for on, down for off (can be reversed if desired) and you can reverse or disable the status LED on the switch. I personally like the LED on when the switch is on. I've had one of these switches in for a couple of weeks, others a week and they are working fine. I bought my first one from Amazon (prime) and the other 3 from Lowe's which were about $7/switch cheaper with the 10% coupon I found online. Hope this helps someone else with their buying decision.