View Full Version : Some suggestions.

March 15th, 2015, 05:09 AM
Hello Ron,
I want to note some improvements, which would like to see in Girder.
1. Cyclic switch between applications action. Similar to ALT+TAB, with timeout for this window.
2. Get volume level function(Lua). Without it, for example, cannot render correct position of slider in Webserver.
3. Hotkeys for some buttons:
- Duplicate in action tree(maybe ctrl+d)
- Delete in action tree(maybe ctrl+delete)
- Close button(Escape)
- OK in action and event window(maybe ctrl+enter)
- Apply and Test in action window(maybe ctrl+shift+enter)
4. LuaCOM module, but since it is not planned need some feature similar to io.popen() but with hidden start for console applications.

Thanks in advance.