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January 28th, 2016, 07:22 PM
I've been running Girder 6 on my Raspberry pi with a self signed certificate for a while now. I'm trying to setup automation between the app "Tasker" on my Android phone and Girder and for whatever reason Tasker or my phone in general don't like self signed certificates. So I sent my girder.key file to goDaddy and ordered an SSL certificate from them. They sent me back 2 files 70b7a3931dad132c.crt (1 cert segment) and gd_bundle-g2-g1.crt (3 cert segments). I tried to move the contents of 70b7a3931dad132c.crt into girder.cert (which originally had 2 cert segments) and I moved the contents of gd_bundle-g2-g1.crt into girderca.cert (which originally had just 1 cert segment). This didn't work and neither did reversing the 2 files.

What am I doing wrong? How can I get it to work with a real ssl cert?

January 28th, 2016, 07:27 PM
Not sure, do you mind sending me the godaddy files in an email?


January 28th, 2016, 10:00 PM
Sure thing, I just sent them.