View Full Version : Work folders on RPi/Linux

May 2nd, 2016, 11:55 AM

I tried to find out where Girder is storing its "live" files on linux-based systems (debian, pi) to make backup of important files (and move these folders on a persistent docker file on my docker installation).

I found files in /root/.config/Promixis (a single Girder 6.conf file listing the list of cached gml files) and in /root/.local/share/Promixis/Girder 6/ (settings file and database for the live data).
The license filed is stored in /opt/girder/qt/etc/xdg/Promixis/

On my Pi, I also found a /.local and a /.config folders in addition to my /root/.local and /root/.config folders)

Are these the only places where Girder can modify files ?

Why are there so many folders ? It would probably be easier to have everything in a common location (/var/lib/girder) ? I especially "dont like" that files are created in / or /root

Could everything be moved under a configurable "HOME" or "ROOT" folder that could be passed to the Girder service as a run time argument or environment variable ?

Another "nice-to-have" feature is the ability to run girder as a non root user. AFAIK, it's not possible at the moment. Correct ?