View Full Version : Targeting Google Earth QWidget error boxes

May 16th, 2016, 03:48 AM
I use Google Earth / Goops for a nice driving view in my campervan. With resume from sleep, Google Earth pops ups various error boxes before my 4G (LTE) connection is restored - examples are: "GE failed to connect to database", "GE no network - do you want to perform diags?" , and "GE having trouble connecting to the internet". This destroys the user experience, as each time you start your journey, you have to use the touch screen to kill these messages.

I cannot see a way to stop the error messages in their individual boxes, so I'm trying to kill them using Girder. No issue with the idea of sending targeted keystrokes, but the problem is GE uses QWidgets for each message, and they all appear the same in the window picker. They can pop-up in any order, making it almost impossible to use "only first match" - number, as a work around.

Does anyone have any tricks for identifying / targeting QWidgets?? - or killing Google Earth error boxes in general!