View Full Version : Looking for a way to diagnose girder crashes

August 21st, 2016, 06:19 PM

currently I am doing the next generation of my smart home stuff. As a loyal girder user since Version 3 it is totally based on girder of cource :-). I mean, I never liked the device manager function comming with girder but this is a different story. At least it's the reason why I coded an entire alternative system for abstraction of IoT devices and services. And I added already my own "plugins" e.g. for Philips hue, Fritzbox broadband routers, pushover, Homematic, youless energy meter, and more to come.
You can imagine that this is a lot of code and it seems that somewhere I added some "bad lines". However the girder service is crashing from time to time and I don't have any clue why and when. I simply get complaints from my family that the TV is not working (which is also controlled by girder since years) or the light automation is off. And when I take a look on my home server (PC) I detect that the girder process is stopped again. A restart brings it back. This happens sometimes once a day, sometimes longer or shorter.

My question: Can you recommend a way to generate some information which helps to analyse the reasons? I don't want to blame others for my own bad (over-)coding. But maybe my amateur-like self-experiments are a good challenge for the girder robustness :-)

thanks in advance,