View Full Version : How to open a file?

February 1st, 2018, 02:15 PM
Tthe problem I'm having is that after closing my file in Girder 6 there does not seem to be any way to open it again:

I did a File:New and added a bunch of stuff. Mostly experiments to see what Girder is all about.
Got everything working fine. It works well once you understand it.
Clicked on the disk icon to save my file.
Then I closed the file.

Later when I came back to work on it, I could not see any way to open a file. There is only the ability to close it. What happened to all my stuff? I have never seen this in an app so I feel I'm missing some fundamental information which is not in the documentation.



February 1st, 2018, 08:46 PM
Just don't close the configuration you are using. If you wish to keep a file copy of it select file->export.

February 2nd, 2018, 12:54 PM
Ah, I see. Thanks.