View Full Version : Sharing My overall Girder configuration

October 13th, 2002, 03:55 PM
Hi all,

I'm new here and spent some time putting together a Girder configuration file. I thought I would share it with everybody and hope to learn something if you do the same in this thread.

Obviously the eventstrings only apply to me and would need to be modified as usual...

What I tried to do is the following:

1 - Have global events that do not change.
* Eject
* Enable/Disable Girder
* Toggle application (launch or kill) for PowerDVD and Showshifter
(on one button)

2 - When an application is executed (or foreground) the "Default remote" group (and all others) are disabled then the one of the application is re-enabled.

Current limitations:
* does not switch back to default remote when all applications are minimized
* state at launch time is unknow (could use OnGirder on something like that).

That's it. Its far from being perfect and hope that by sharing experience like this we all can get more out of this wonderful piece of art.