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October 13th, 2002, 04:55 PM
I've noted through some of the messages that folks want a 'list' that gets pop'ed up by Girder that they can select things from as an OSD. I've successfully used a program called Hidden Menu (from http://ideasoft.heha.net/ I think). One can set up hidden menu so that you must move the mouse to (say) the upper right hand screen corner to pop up a menu. You can drag and drop items for this menu to make the list as you want it. Then have Girder make a mouse movement to that area when your event is triggered and voila, you get a user programmable menu initiated by Girder. Then you can map keys on the remote to go up and down the correct mouse increment to highlight the items in the list and one to select. I have (hmmm can't remember the brand) a TV card and even on full screen mode, Hidden Menu pops up over the TV giving me exactly what I was looking for. It is also possible to have several of these menu's triggered off of mouse placement on the screen. Fonts and backgrounds are also programmable. Perhaps others might find a use for it. (BTW, I'm in NO way affiliated with Hidden Menu. It was just on some Freeware page I found once. It might be a bomb, or what not, but from my experience, it works very nicely).