View Full Version : simple girder example with tvtool,winlirc,seti,some players

February 16th, 2003, 09:39 AM

my first posting here.
think i best start with the background.

my pc is connected with the home cinema equipment but located in a different room. so i searched for a way to hear music in the living room, play my games on tv and watch movies from my armchair.

first i found winlirc, then girder. i soldered an ir-receiver and started to read girder howtos. most were far too complicated, so i decided to post this very simple and easy to understand example.

now the girder config does the following:
at startup: starting winlirc and tv-tool, killing seti-client, activating windows media player controls.
in use: controls switchable for windows mp, divx-player, winamp and zoom-player; emulating mouse, cursor keys, enter, alt-tab and more
at shutdown: killing tv-tool and winlirc, re-enabling seti-client

here is the config file (http://guetl.net/girder.zip)

was some work before i realised that the winlirc-startup-process causes a girder hangup (at least on my machine) when simultaneously trying to use external programs via o.s. execute action.

also my program is a small example for states.

hope it helps someone like this forums helped me in creating my configuration!

so long,

gunawan w
May 12th, 2004, 03:05 AM
Your link didn't work!