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May 17th, 2003, 08:09 AM
By the way, I submitted a Winamp 3 group a week ago. Here are the details:

Plug-Ins used in Girder 3.2:

Winamp3 (1.5)
X10/ATI Remote Plugin (1.0b(2))
SetWave Dev
Here are the functions (not including the basic Winamp controls):

1. Numplayer (credit go out to Markus Nilsson for the basis):
[list:1624e47ec3]a. Enter any 4 digit number followed by a 1 sec. pause or key to select any song number in Winamp or Cancel button
b. After every button is pressed, the corresponding song title will be displayed for the number (eg. Press 1 Song title #1 is displayed, Press 2, song title #12 is displayed

2. Open/Close Winamp:
a. Startup:
[list:1624e47ec3]i. Switches to secondary sound card
ii. Unmutes it if muted
iii. Plays XP Logon sound
iv. Sets Winamp volume to 50% is less than 50%
b. Close
i. Switches to secondary sound card
ii. Plays XP Logoff sound[/list:u:1624e47ec3]

3. Volume Up/Down/Mute
a. Adjusts volume on secondary soundcard

4. Song display
a. OSD song titles when switching to next song[/list:u:1624e47ec3]
It can be found here (http://www.girder.nl/download.php?Link=506).

Hope you like it,
Steve Turgeon