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October 13th, 2002, 03:55 PM
But this way you're still stuck with the lame hauppauge remote control software...

October 13th, 2002, 03:55 PM
I posted this elsewhere and was asked if I would put it here too, so here it is.

I have got Girder to respond to my WinTV remote control.

You can do this by editing "c:windowsirremote.ini" so this section changes like so

Girder= <<<<---(Insert that)

Then, just below this section (just before the line [Default]) put this;


Save, restart the IR software (close it in the system tray, and go to start->programs->startup->AutostartIR) or restart your PC.

Load Girder, create a command, set it to do something (popup text perhaps) and click "learn state" - press CTRL-S instead of a remote button.

Now press number 1 on your hauppauge remote. If the above was done correctly, the hauppauge software will send "CTRL-S" to Girder, Girder will 'catch' it and run the command.

This editing of the irremote.ini file can be used to control almost any application directly (winamp, say), but only foreground applications. Look for tutorials on the web for more info.

(Note: In the [Girder] section, you can have more than just 1={ctrl}s, look around in the ini file for more examples)

October 13th, 2002, 03:55 PM
Playing around with this workaround, I realised Girder is detecting my hauppauge WinTV remote even without this workaround - it seems to pick it up through my Packard Bell Remote receiver on COM2, using the Igor SFH-56 plugin (the plugin I use the PB remote with).

So this looks like another way to use the two together (yes the first way still works, by the way). :smile:

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October 13th, 2002, 03:55 PM
Thanks for the tip...
I have an AverMedia card w/ remote, I remember the .ini file being somewhat similar.
I will try it too.

October 13th, 2002, 03:55 PM
Sending keystrokes to Girder has a big disadvantage: If Girder is not
active (not focused), it wouldnt receive those events.
Another workaround is to use TCP/IP:
1. Install the tcpip hardware plugin, to let Girder receive commands via
2. Install the tcpipclient action plugin. You only need the "console.exe"
application to send commands to girder.
3. Edit "irremote.ini" in your Windows directory, to configure ir32 to
send commands using "console.exe".

Below you will find my irremote.ini.
;Beep = 1 ; Uncomment to get a beep with each Remote Keystroke
StandbyMute=0 ; Set to 1 to always mute when entering standby no matter how we get there
; You should remove any mute commands from pwr(off) command sequences when using
; this feature
VolStepSize=3 ; Each Volume step is 3% of full scale
MasterMuteID=0x16 ; Control ID form Master Mute
MenuLoad=1 ; use tray as app launcher


0 ={run(C:GirderPluginsSoftwareconsole.exe localhost 1024 girder 0)}
1 ={run(C:GirderPluginsSoftwareconsole.exe localhost 1024 girder 1)}
2 ={run(C:GirderPluginsSoftwareconsole.exe localhost 1024 girder 2)}
3 ={run(C:GirderPluginsSoftwareconsole.exe localhost 1024 girder 3)}
4 ={run(C:GirderPluginsSoftwareconsole.exe localhost 1024 girder 4)}
5 ={run(C:GirderPluginsSoftwareconsole.exe localhost 1024 girder 5)}
6 ={run(C:GirderPluginsSoftwareconsole.exe localhost 1024 girder 6)}
7 ={run(C:GirderPluginsSoftwareconsole.exe localhost 1024 girder 7)}
8 ={run(C:GirderPluginsSoftwareconsole.exe localhost 1024 girder :cool:}
9 ={run(C:GirderPluginsSoftwareconsole.exe localhost 1024 girder 9)}
RADIO ={run(C:GirderPluginsSoftwareconsole.exe localhost 1024 girder RADIO)}
MUTE ={run(C:GirderPluginsSoftwareconsole.exe localhost 1024 girder MUTE)}
TV ={run(C:GirderPluginsSoftwareconsole.exe localhost 1024 girder TV)}
VOLUP ={run(C:GirderPluginsSoftwareconsole.exe localhost 1024 girder VOLUP)}
VOLDOWN ={run(C:GirderPluginsSoftwareconsole.exe localhost 1024 girder VOLDOWN)}
RESERVED ={run(C:GirderPluginsSoftwareconsole.exe localhost 1024 girder RESERVED)}
CHNLUP ={run(C:GirderPluginsSoftwareconsole.exe localhost 1024 girder CHNLUP)}
CHNLDOWN ={run(C:GirderPluginsSoftwareconsole.exe localhost 1024 girder CHNLDOWN)}
SOURCE ={run(C:GirderPluginsSoftwareconsole.exe localhost 1024 girder SOURCE)}
MINIMIZE ={run(C:GirderPluginsSoftwareconsole.exe localhost 1024 girder MINIMIZE)}
FULLSCREEN={run(C:GirderPluginsSoftwareconsole.exe localhost 1024 girder FULLSCREEN)}

June 24th, 2004, 12:32 PM
But there's no way to use a remote other than the WinTV one with the WInTV receiver?

September 2nd, 2004, 08:27 AM
Actually, there is. Using the universal WinTV plugin (not mine, but the one that uses irremote.dll from Hauppauge) you can get some buttons of other remote controls to be recognized. For instance, it recognizes about half of the buttons on my Arcam remote control. However, uICE manages to recognize a lot more of them (you can teach it codes). So now I'm contemplating writing a wrapper driver for uICE's drivers so you can use them in Girder, but I can't promise anything yet. I have to figure out the calls first, and the SDK for the drivers isn't publicly available.

But there's no way to use a remote other than the WinTV one with the WInTV receiver?