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October 13th, 2002, 04:55 PM
hello everyone ..
this is a great forum and a great program and I am very glad that I found it.

Just a few questions
1. I want to use my packard bell fast media for ati tv tuner. I don;t care about the dvd or file program just the tv. I have read some other threads that say that i need to download a dll from ATI. I have downloaded this dll but I can't register it. I keep getting error messages. (I have tried in both win 95 and ME)

2. can i just use the keyboard plug in for the tv? I know the shortcuts on the control panel so should i just be able to use my remote to send those keyboard shortcuts? (if so how do i do this?)

3. I saw someone mention that they couldn;t get their packard bell remote to work with ATI tv... did you get it to work and what are you talking about when you say that you use web tv instead????

I am incredibly new to this as you might see... but with a little help I know this program can be very powerful.

pIII 866 256sdram nvidia tnt2 32m ATI tv wonder ve (MMC 7.1) windows me


October 13th, 2002, 04:55 PM
nevermind this post .... i just figured out how to use keyboard shortcuts and made my own gir file... this will work if anyone has similar problems with ATI... by the way it was telling me something about antirepeat when i tried to use the downloadable plugins