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October 13th, 2002, 03:55 PM
Have a look at http://www.girder.nl/exportgr.php then media jukebox version 7 (somewhere in the middle of the page)


October 13th, 2002, 03:55 PM
This was posted by WeeHappyPixie in the Media Jukebox Interact Forum:
Since I typed this I noticed that the current version of the Windows Controls group does not have mouse controls. Ron is in the USA this now so proby has not had a chance to upload the new one. Download it anyway as I have added steps how to add them manually

1) Download the installer version of Girder from http://www.girder.nl/download.php?Link=166
2) Download the Windows Controls export group from http://www.girder.nl/download.php?Link=93 This has IR Mouse Settings.
3) Download the Girder Media Jukebox 7 export group from this URL http://www.girder.mirror.btinternet.co.uk/MediaJukebox7.gxr (right click and use Save Target As...)
4) Run the Girder setup program to install the program.
5) Run Girder.
6) Select File --> Settings from the Girder menu
7) Select the Hardware Plugins Tab.
Select UIR/IRman under Input device. Click on Settings and select the COM port your IRMan is connected to.
9) Select Enable Auto Input Device
10) Press Apply.
11) Select File --> Import Group from the Girder menu
12) Browse to the folder you saved the Mediajukebox7.gxr file and select it.
13) Browse to the folder you saved the Windows98.gxr file and select it.
14) Ensure that MediaJukebox is installed and NOT running.
15) Download the MediaJukebox plugin from this URL http://www.musicex.com/mediajukebox/mj_data/plugins/rc_girder.mjp
16) After the Package Installer has installed it, run Media Jukebox and press the Plugins Button.
17) From the Plug-In Manager window select Remotes.
1 Select Girder then press the Start button (not the Windows one )
19) Minimise MediaJukebox.
20) From within Girder you should now see two groups. One for MediaJukebox and one for Windows Controls.
21) Open the group for MediaJukebox and learn all the keys you wish to use on your remote control by selecting the the command (eg, Play) then press the Learn Event button and press the required key on your remote.
22) Repeat step 21 for all the commands.
23) Open the group for Windows98 Ctrl
24) Select Edit --> Add Command from the Girder Menu
25) Select the new command called New then press F2 to rename it. We will call this Mouse Up
26) Press the Learn Event button and then press the button on your remote to move the mouse up.
27) Press the button on Girder that looks like a Mouse and select Mouse Up as the command
2 Enter a step size. This tells Girder how far to move the mouse. Try 10 but experement.
29) Repeat steps 24 - 28 for Mouse Down, Left, Right and the clicks
30) Enjoy the comfort of using your system and Media Jukebox from the comfort of your chair or for me, my bed .

Have fun


Onno Tichelaar
October 13th, 2002, 03:55 PM
If sounds great, only the link to http://www.girder.mirror.btinternet.co.uk/MediaJukebox7.gxr is broken.

Can you tell me where I can find the gxr file.